How Vidoni was born....

Today I want to share with you my story of why we started Vidoni in the first place...

Being a continued learner in my professional and personal life, I have always found current learning processes to be out-dated and time consuming. Not having the time or patience for traditional learning I reached out into my past for a learning experience that was highly successful.

I learned to play guitar in just 6 months by having a focused plan with an open minded guitar teacher that allowed me to have a highly visual instruction of guitar playing. That experience truly resonated with me as I explored visually better ways to learn using 3D visualization. After years of of applying visual tools for building design workflows and training I felt augmented reality had the greatest potential to change the way we learn.

We filed for a patent and we were off to the races! We then began by building a prototype for creating the first ever process that would record the hands of a expert like my guitar teacher or in the case of a business a manufacturing line expert. This hands-on training could be played back for instruction in AR. The student would visually see the teachers playing hand on the guitar neck or the manufacturing instructors hands in the work-space.

Vidoni™ creates a more visual learning experience that most people thrive in for faster learning. It also creates muscle memory. Learning retention goes through the roof when these processes are used.

When it was all said and done we soon realized there was something special here and Vidoni was born!!

- Ken D'Amato, Co-Founder and CEO