Vidoni™ Announces Reg. CF Private Placement Offering on "WeFunder"



Vidoni™ Announces Reg. CF Private Placement Offering


New York, NY [September, 12th, 2019] -- Vidoni™ is pleased to announce the launch of a private placement offering in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through


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Vidoni™ AR/MR (Vidoni™ or the “Company”) is a mixed reality (MR) software company developing an MR training platform to provide enterprises with the ability to offer hands-on training to employees in a more efficient manner. The company has developed a patent pending technology that uses AR/MR headsets to marker-less motion capture with AI technology the hand movements of an instructor for playback to a trainee with headset such as the Microsoft Hololens in Mixed Reality. Corporations and content creators will finally be able to distribute hands-on MR learning content for use by employees remotely via Mixed Reality headsets.


To begin generating training content a Vidoni™ user will login to the Vidoni™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and download its hand motion capture technology to track the movements of an instructor hands for capture. These hand movements can be the assembly of a manufacturing product or the playing of a piano even tuning a tractor engine or repairing an air conditioning unit. Currently, Vidoni™ travels to a client’s location to ensure the best results by recording the instructors hand movements and provide instructional overlays in Mixed Reality. The Vidoni™ Studio application will eventually enable anyone to record their hand movements through the use of any 2D camera – most likely the camera in an AR headset. Additional information will be created with Vidoni™ Studio production tools.


In Q3 2019, Vidoni™ plans to begin the Alpha testing phase of its MR training pilot content. The Company hopes to have at least six pilot program participants in order to acquire data to train its machine learning algorithms. By the end of Q3 2019, Vidoni™ also hopes to begin alpha testing its SaaS platform, to allow users the ability to download and upload original content – becoming the YouTube of hands-on training. The company hopes that in doing so, it can create a user-generated database of tutorials and learning exercises in which enterprises, educators, and individuals will have access to in a library or Learning Management System (LMS) of Mixed Reality learning experiences through the SaaS platform.


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